Why Lord Krishna Wears Peacock Feather?

Among all the gods, the most ornamental is shri Krishna. His devotees love him to dress him up with the most exquisite clothes and ornaments. Shri Krishna is god of this mundane world. He is the god of family and household. Many a time, a question arises in mind that why he wears peacock feather on his head?

why krishna wears peacock feather

The first reason is the belief that, the peacock is the only creature in nature that observes complete chastity in life. When he is happy, he dances with his wings wide open and dancing, when he becomes aroused, his eyes are filled with tears. Peahen drinks the drops of his tears. Peacock doesn’t have, even a tinge of lust his heart. God puts him on his head, who has given up all the lust.

In fact, a peacock – feathered crown on shri Krishna’s head represents a number of things. Symbolically if we are able to understand, then it brings us closer to a number of truths. Peacock is famous for his beauty. Shri Krishna tells us that colors in our life are same as colors of the feathers of peacock. When we are in pain, the colors are dark and when we are happy, colors are in light. Whatever comes on our way, we are always ready to accept.

stories of Krishna

The third reason is that shri Krishna gives a message that he neither very much love and nor hates to anyone. Everyone is equal in his eyes. Balram, who is believed to be the incarnation of Sheshnag, is elder brother of shri Krishna. On the other hand, the peacock is the biggest enemy of the snakes. Shri Krishna is the full of contradictions and this proves that he is the real god that doesn’t discriminate between a friend and a foe. All are equal in his eyes.

It is also said that shri radha rani had many peacock at her palace. Once when she was dancing with them. Shri Krishna also arrived there and began to dance. At the same time, a peacock feather fell off his body. Shri Krishna quickly picked it up and put it on his head, considering it gift from gracious shri radha rani.


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