Why Krishna Killed Eklavya

There are many stories which are abounding about the character of Ekalavya. The most common story is cutting his thumb and offering to his Guru Dronacharya as “Guru Dakshina”. But there is many other things that you are not awarded of, like the death of Ekalavya came at the hand of Lord Krishna, but why krishna killed eklavya.

Ekalavya was famous for his Guru Bhakti: He was the very important character in the Mahabharata, he was also one of the great archers in the world, similar to the Arjun.

Relation with Dronacharya: As he wanted the blessings of his guru and this was much taught. The Dronacharya was the guru of both Pandavs and Kauravas.
why krishna killed eklavya

Relation with Krishna: He was the cousin of lord Gopala. His father Devashrava was the brother of Vasudeva’s, who was later lost on the woods. Then he was adopted by the king hunters, Nishada Vyatraja Hiranyadhanus.

Lord Gopala was behind the Guru Dakshana: When he discovered his skills his guru refused to accept him due to the hesitation of the royal prince. When he was asked what he would offer in guru dakshna, he cut his thumb and offered to his guru.
Relation with Dronacharya

Great Archer: His aim in life is to become more skilled than Arjun even he doesn’t having the thumb.

A Yadav and Kuru: He was threat to the kuru and Yadav.

Relation with Jarasandha: He was the great supporter of Jarasandha, and he was the arch enemy of Gopala, which make Ekalavya his enemy too, in spite of the fact that they are cousin.

Killed By Krishna: He confronted Govinda and challenge him to a duel. Govinda took up the challenge and fought to him, killing his pride and restoring Dharma to the world.

Reason behind the Death: As Lord Gopala known that later on the sided to the Kauravas and obstructed the establishment of Dharma.
Killed By Krishna

As a Drishtadyumna: Gopala give boon at his death that he will reborn to kill Dronacharya. Finally he was born and killed his guru.

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