Trimurti – Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

The Trimurti is a concept of Hinduism and functions of creation, maintenance and destruction are personified by the forms of brahma the creator, Vishnu the protector and the shiva is destroyer. The concept of Trimurti is present in the maitri Upanishad, where the three gods are explained as three of his supreme forms.

Significance of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

brahma vishnu mahesh

The triple gods of Hinduism, Brahma Vishnu Mahesh are different in a limited sense only. Supreme isvara, also known as saguna Brahman or dynamic Brahman. Supreme Brahman is considered as reflection of the triple gunas of nature. It becomes difficult for us to understand the concept clearly. The god  who exists in innumerable planes simultaneously appears as Trinity in three different roles.

Where Do They Exist?

lord brahma vishnu Mahesh

The Trimurti’s exist in space and time, but it’s really difficult to explain then nature of their existence. They belong to the very highest realms of creation. We understand that although the triple deities remain as pure energies and consciousness with dimensions beyond our imagination. They are most pleasing aspects in the manifested creation, personifying his dynamic functions.

The three gods are different from each other because human point of view they perform a different task, have qualities and energies that differ from one another and also control different worlds. Together they are like a mighty flow of energy. Hindu scriptures hold that lord Vishnu, the protector of all creation. When the cycle begins, Lord Brahma is born out of the ‘lotus’ which is the origin of all life. The lotus is also known as Brahma kamal. The first sound of lord brahma is Om, the origin of all creation.

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