Third Eye of God Shiva

Lord Shiva is usually known for his third eye also known as the eye of wisdom, which emits flames and burns things to ashes and believed that when the god Shiva is extremely angry, he opens it to punish the culprit. In Hinduism, this refers to the ajna, or brow, chakra. It refers to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Through this special power, he is able to see beyond the apparent and destroy all evil.

This story about lord is quite interesting. Let us take a deep look.

Burning of Kama

After the death of sati, god was deeply grieved by her death and went to cave into deep meditation. It is the time when sati is reborn as parvati and marries to god Shiva. But in spite of all the effort of the gods, he could not be brought out of the meditation. Then the shankar sent Kama to bring mahadev out of his penance. At Kama hit mahadev with his arrow and the third eye of the Shankar opened and burnt him to ashes.


Shiva’s third eye represents the rejection of desire. It killed Kama; the principle that makes world goes round. It rejects desire because he realizes that the object of desire (sati) goes away, there is immense sorrow and rage. Hence, to stay away from the desire is the best way to attain bliss.

Story of Andhaka

The another story of mahadev is as follows that one day, goddess parvati playfully closed lord eyes with his palms. The universe was engulfed in darkness. So, he has to open his third eye to provide light and energy to the world. The heat from the third eye caused parvati palms to perspire and drop of perspiration fell on the ground it transformed into a child called andhaka and was adopted by a childness asura devotee of mahadev. Andhaka grew up not knowing his true origin that obtained a boon from Shankar that he would die only when he aspires for a woman he should never aspire for. So, during his venture he came across parvati and was smitten by her beauty and he was killed by mahadev.

This story also depicts the dark side of the third eye which rejects all desires of the world and also important for the survival of a human being because without desire the world will come to stand still. And there would be no reproduction, no regeneration. Hence third eye of mahadev has a great significance and is source of great knowledge for humankind.

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