The story of Shivling

Shiv Linga is the holy symbol of lord shiva that is considered sacred by the devotees of lord shiva. Almost all of us have seen people worshipping shiva in the form of the shivalinga, a stone like shape usually black in color. But many people have worshipped him in linga form.

Shivalinga is the symbol of spirituality, belief, energy and the extent of infinity. The story of Shivling differs person to person, puran to puran and and in other religious books and many others. But to the main and most to e believed on, there are two stories.

lord parvathi

In the first story of Shivling, once upon a time lord brahma and lord Vishnu came to a dispute debate about the superiority and most powerful one. Lord shiva created an enlightened pillar shaped figure and asked the disputants to find’s it’s both ends.

Lord Vishnu became a boar and headed towards down and lord brahma took a shape of a swan and flew up to find the upper point. Lord Vishnu accepted the loose after the billions searches but lord brahma lied that he found the top end to be a flower called ‘ketki’.

god shivling

Listening to Brahma’s lie, lord shiva cursed lord brahma that he won’t be worshipped by anyone ever and the flower he talked about won’t be used as offering to any god or goddess. And thus afterwards shiva was worshipped the shape of that pillar being a shivalinga, the symbol of energy, truth and dignity.

The other one is as- thousands of years ago, there were a group of sages who worship lord shiva a lot. To this lord shiva disguised himself as an “avadhooth” and came to the where the sages lived their family.

On seeing avadhooth, the wives of some sages ran away but some of them got attracted towards him. When the sages saw the avadhooth with their wives, they cursed that his phallus should fall, and it happened.

story of shiva

The lingam fell and started burning the places it turned three lokas – the earth, the underworld and the heaven. In all this panic, all the devas of heaven went to brahma for its solution. Brahma told the sages that guest in the form of avadhooth must be treated with respect, as they cursed their guest instead of respecting him.

Brahma advised the solution that they must request goddess parvati to assume the form of yoni to hold the lingam and a pot to be pouring over it and to be invoked with vaidik mantras. Thus the destruction came into control and the shape was called as shivlinga. It added the message that life comes into existence due to both the males and females being equally responsible.

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