Story of Lord Ganesha and the Moon

Lord Ganesha the son of lord shiva and goddess parvati. He had a weakness for sweets. He could not stop himself from taking the sweets. Once Ganesha devotee offered him lots of sweets. He was so pleased and he stayed there entire day and ate most of sweets.
At night, lord Ganesha had come and gathering all the remaining sweets. He had eaten too much sweets and walk slowly. As ganpati was walking back he stumbled and fell down. All the sweets scattered everywhere and his dress was torn.

ganesha and the moon
God ganpati picked himself up and feeling embarrassed and collected all his sweets. He looked around and hoping no one had seen him. But unfortunately, the moon Chandra deva had seen everything. Chandra deva was laughing hard and himself as very handsome. He always thought that the pot bellied Ganesha with his stumpy feet and elephant head looked funny. Chandra deva laughing at him.
God ganpati bellowed angrily that ‘You laughed at me! I curse you that henceforth you will disappear from the sky and never show your face again. Chandra deva immediately came up to him. I am sorry please! Chandra deva begged the lord ganpati.

ganesha and the moon
Lord Ganesha is always quick to forgive. He smiled and nodded his head. But ganpati realized that he could not take back his curse.
Lord Ganesha told that I cannot take my words back. But I will lessen your curse. You will reduce in your appearance slowly and there will be only one day when there will be no moon in the sky and after fifteen days you will keep increasing in size and finally glow in your full size.
Chandra nodded his head happily, “Thank You Lord!”

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