Story of goddess Parvati

The Hindu goddess parvati is the symbol of love, fertility and devotion. She is the goddess of divine strength and power. Goddess parvati name means mountain as the Sanskrit word for “parvati” is parvat. She is the mother to lord kartikeya and lord Ganesha and consort of lord shiva. She is the reincarnation of sati who was the first wife of lord shiva.

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Lord shiva was married to sati who was the daughter of dakshya. The aesthetic lifestyle of lord shiva was disliked by dakshya and firmly disapproved of the marriage of his daughter to him. This anger manifested itself when he conducted a very big yagna, where he invited all the gods but purposefully forgot to call his daughter or her husband.

Knowing about this lord shiva and asked his wife sati not to go to the yagna but she uninvited only to be insulted. Unable to stand the insult meted out to her husband she jumped into the fire of yagna and died. Lord shiva was livid with rage and destroyed and killed everything in his path including dakshya.

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Lord Vishnu used his discus to cut the dead body of sati into several pieces and this helped calm the anger of lord shiva. However he was greatly distributed by the death of his wife and retreated into a cave to meditate.

It was during this time that the demons drove out the gods from the heavens and the only option available to the help of lord shiva, they approached mother sakthi who informed then that sati will be born as goddess parvati and the son of lord shiva and goddess parvati will be able to destroy the demons.

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As promised to the gods sati was reborn as goddess parvati. Even was young girl she was in love with lord shiva and wanted to marry him. She decided to visit the cave where he was meditating and started cleaning it. However he remained unmoved by her love and dedication.

In a final attempt to win his love and affection, she do penance in the forest. She did the toughest penance with no food and continued her penance in rain and sun and finally lord brahma to promise her to grant her wish and she was blessed with immense beauty.

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She walks inside the cave with feminine beauty and grace and lord shiva was chanted with her. He feels in love with her and they got married. For their union born out the lord kartikeya and went out to destroy the demons as promised to the god. Goddess parvati created lord Ganesha. Along with the sons of lord kartikeya and lord Ganesha and husband lord shiva, Maa parvati is the perfect embodiment of a happy family.

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