Learn from Child Age, Old Age and Bad Time To Seek Happiness

The most learning stages in one’s life are Child Age, Old Age and Bad Time. Did you remember your child age time when you were too eager to experience new things in your life? No. But if you look into your Child Age stage you would imagine that what was your approach at that time. At that time you never came to know that is bad and what is good for you. You just had one thing in your mind to experience anything, which you saw and seem like interesting. The more you were involved in these kinds of activities, more you will learn about that. So learning comes with doing things practically in life and child stage is the best stage in your life to learn lot of things because at that time you do not have that much sense to bifurcate between good and bad.


When we grow up and we became more experienced and knowledgeable, we started to differentiate between Good and Bad. When we had that much sense we always went for the good things, we never thought and experienced the bad thing because the real learning is over there. When you were in bad stage you try lot of things to get rid off from this, you always thought to get better in your life. This would turn up into great learning in your life.


It is same in case of Old Age; Old age is a stage when you start losing your memory strength and also strength in your body.At this stage of your life when you really want support of some one in your life emotionally as well as financially and at this time people start leaving them alone. Your own children do not have time for you to attend you, to spend some time with you and to take care of you. They are busy in their lives to take care of themselves only. So when you are in this stage of life, you will come to learn about true relations and will make you sure about people who loves you and those who do not love you.


So be preparing for your old stage, which sure be going to come once in your life for sure and each one of us to pass out from it.


The biggest learning will come to us from our bad time. When we are rich, famous, have good health and sound background than we have lot of people in our life. Everything goes perfect as per our plan but as the time passes and when the bad time comes when you have lost money, you have nothing with you, at that time you will find that those who were very close to you and always be care taker of you suddenly got changed and disconnected you form their lives. At that time you feel very lonely and this time makes you a real person in your life. You will automatically come to know that who is true to you and who is false to you. You can’t imagine that you will meet those kinds of people supporting you for whom you never thought in your dreams. They suddenly started helping and supporting you to be the best buddies in your life.


A part from this everyday we learn something for sure. Life is a journey of learning. So never take tension in your life, face every aspect of your life with happiness and you will feel the bliss behind it.


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