Purpose of life

Why we are here and what is the purpose of this human form of ours?

As the title goes, it has stroked up my mind, as this is a big question for every one of us who is reading this article. This is the question which everyone should remember in his /her life from birth to end of this life.  So let me take you to the answer and what is the real meaning of this question.


As we all know that there are so many species in this world and humans stand on top most race of these species because human race is the only specie which is very intelligent, would be able to speak, to do work, to earn money and to live in a good and peaceful home. Human Specie is full of capabilities; energy and mind, which means this race, can do anything. But do you know that how come we get into human form and the most of us do not know about the answer. And the answer is that when we were in some other specie form, we keep on praying god to give us birth in the form of human body so that we can connect our self with god. When we were in the womb of mother and we are hung up in opposite direction than also we keep on praying god that please take me out from here and will promise you to worship you on daily basis and to help others. We promise so many things with the God and when we take birth after 9 months of painful position inside mother’s womb, the whole picture gets change.


We started growing and we got busy day by day in homely matters, schools, college, jobs or business marriage, children, family and the life passed on and when the time is to leave this world, we started thinking that why we came on this earth in human form and what was our purpose. We promised God at the time of birth in mother’s womb that we will worship you too much in our life and will try to achieve you. We promised God to pray you on daily basis but we did nothing.


Our main purpose is to come in this world in the form of human specie is to get god. We can get anything or achieve anything in this world but to achieve your God is one of the most difficult goals to achieve. And this is the motto of everyone’s life. But we forgot everything and we could not be able to spare only 10 minutes for him on daily basis. We are so mean that we only expect God to fulfill all our desires and he always listen to our demands and expectations. He also fulfills our needs and desires but we never spare time for him.


God is never expecting us to worship me for full day. He just want us to spare at least 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening with clear heart to sit in front of him and to worship him for 1 hour on daily basis with clear heart without demanding anything and this one hour is enough for him. He will be happy from us.


So please remember that this human life is given to us by the almighty God is for only one purpose that you could try all your mediums to worship and achieve him.


Finally it is concluded that God is our main motto of our life.

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