Poor People | Poor From Heart

We all know that the other name of life is struggle, no one can ignore that, we have to face it. There is no-one in this world who can ignore this by hook/crook, whether he/she is a poor or a very rich person.

Everyone loves their life from the start, but struggle destroy the pure love from their life. This is not anyone’s fault completely. Each and every person is the part of this whole process.

The problem is in today’s world, people are too cold from their heart, they didn’t have that type of gut’s to do anything for anyone. Not even a single, simple thing.

Here is the list of bad qualities, Poor People | poor from heart:-

1. Selfish: –

This one you can find in many people, they are really very selfish. They know how to use your emotions and how to break your heart smartly and the shocking thing is you didn’t even realize. They are too smart and that’s for sure.
You always help them in any case and they never ever help you when you need them the most. This kind of people always leaves you when you need them.

In this section don’t think about tit for tat, just ignore them and believe me if you do this you become so happy.

2. Aggressive:-

This is one of the bad quality in anyone, because this affects their parents too and this kind of people didn’t even care about how much this kind of behaviour of their hurt anyone.

Sometime I feel that these kinds of people not even love their parents. Parents do lots of things and some of that they didn’t even tell us, but an aggressive person didn’t care about this. He/she is so selfish that never saw the pain of their loved ones in their eyes.

3. Big-headed:-

“I know everything”, “I don’t have to listen”, “there is no need to understand anything what I am telling you is the truth”.

This type of misunderstanding they had in their head. The problem of this bad quality, they do whatever they want to do, they didn’t dam care what others want to say. They didn’t need other’s opinion.

4. Bitchy:-

Omg, this word is huge in its own, there is no need to explain this, but if you want me to explain, then I really want to explain this because I personally hate this kind of people so much, they are so bitchy and never ever do anything right for anyone, and this isn’t in their blood/nature. So be aware especially from these types of people.

5. Bossy:-

“why didn’t you do this idiot”, “what is your problem”, “where the hell you have been”, “you idiot”, “never ever ask any question from me”, “go to hell”, “you are an idiot”, whenever you heard these type of sentence please kindly understand that there is a bossy person around you and if there is possible, then make distance.

6. Careless:-

They just love their life, their goal, their work and their self. Never even care about anybody else, when you ask them, why you didn’t care about me, then you get the simple answer from their side I do, but believe me they don’t.

7. Cruel:-

I am so lucky that I personally never met this type of person, but my search said they have all the bad quality I mentioned in this blog.

Cruelty is in their every single drop of blood and it is better if you make a very far distance from this type of person. This is going worst, if you have any relationship with that person, because they are going to hurt you again and again.

8. Changeable:-

They change according their situation; there is no value of words or commitments for them. They just love their self so much and they change whenever they need.

Never ever fall in for this type of person because you don’t know when they change and leave you alone in that situation alone.

9. Dishonest:-

Always betray you at that point, when you are not even ready for it. This comes like an unknown storm and destroy you completely, after that you are not able to trust again.

10. Greedy:-

We all know the meaning of greedy because this is our personal experience at some point in our life, we also become greedy, but some people are that much greedy that they can destroy others to achieve something. It is good and best if you ignore.

11. Impatient:-

The main bad quality of a person who is poor from their heart is they are impatient. Patience word isn’t in their dictionary. They can’t wait for an answer. They want everything quickly.

So be patient when you stuck with this kind of person, this suggestion is for your own good.

At the end, if we conclude this article, then we realize it is better to make distance from that person who had any of this bad quality.

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