What Is Optimism

Optimism, as a word sounds great to all of us. Most of us think it as a theory only and yes I also used to be the same because life is damn full of difficulties that we can’t even see any room for such a word.

Mostly people take optimism as a synonym to overconfidence, but they are actually antonyms. By this I mean overconfidence is what we possess in tangible terms or simply the property in us that is easily visible to others. But optimism has nothing to do with possession; it is actually a belief that one has on whatever or whosoever for a particular act. It may be god, nature, the person himself/herself, some other person etc.

It does not mean that an optimistic person can’t be pessimist. Yes he can be; it is quite a dependent and relative phenomenon. It varies in accordance with the past experiences one have had, the person with whom we are dealing, the nature of act in consideration etc.

By all this psychological nonsense; what most of you would say, I didn’t want to bewilder any reader but that was required to lay the foundation of what I am going to talk about.
Being optimistic or pessimistic affects the decisiveness of a person; As it has also been scientifically proven that whatever we think or to whatsoever we are inclined toward, our very efficient brain works in that direction only. This means if we are being optimistic about a particular thing and also giving our best for that then our brain also gets the tendency to achieve that particular goal in any manner and subconsciously frames enormous ways to attain that goal.

Now the question that all of you must be having is how can one be optimistic for something that he knows is not going to happen anyway at all; A very lucid explanation for this is read the post again.
I didn’t mention anywhere that we should always be optimistic unconditionally. Has it been so then most of the optimistic personalities would have taken many wrong decisions. A simple point here is just be optimistic for WHATEVER you decide to do or don’t do it at all.

This is how it affects our decisiveness, if we are not optimistic about doing something then we should not go with that particular act or else it would be halfhearted and outcomes will also follow the same trend i.e. half of what would be required.

So this is very important that whether you are optimistic or pessimistic for a thing; you should take the decisions accordingly; provided we should first study all the aspects of the present scenario and then proceed with what we feel for its accomplishment.

On the contrary pessimism is also required and is inevitable like optimism but one should know how to modulate the decisions accordingly. If we are pretty unsure about the happening of an act then we should not move in that direction. Yes most of us believe that life is risk and we should not amend decisions if there is a little or even great risk in taking the decision but I must say that most of the risks are left uncovered; so that’s why I am emphasizing on decisiveness and few constraints that we should take into account while making any decision.

So, the whole concept of this writing when summarized is that we should be optimistic enough for an act that we are going to step in. This will definitely lead to success of the task; And if we are not comfortable or not optimistic about thing, we should not do it at all. Yes sometimes situation forces us to step into something that we don’t want but for that also we should then be optimistic and give our best despite of not really willing to be in that situation, only then the outcomes will be fruitful. ( Anmol Mahajan )

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