Never feel proud what you are – God Created Everyone Equal

Proud is not a small thing and proud is a feeling that exists in every human being but this doesn’t mean that you take it to very high level in your life where you will think you are the only one what you have done so far and what you have achieved in your life. God gives equality to everyone in the life he never think who is above and beneath compared to any other individual than why we are creating differences on this. We all are human beings, look alike than why there are so many difference in us. So we should never feel proud for anything we have achieved in our life because god created everyone equal.

Money is the biggest factor for proud in today’s world. When people earn lot of money their standard of living also gets changed and due to this they started feeling proud about this.

When they starting buying new clothes, buying new house, buying new cars than they started feeling too proud on this, they think they are the only richest one in the world. They started behaving rudely with the labor or people who are working for them. They always treat everyone as a business and this is the time when they are going to be on wrong path.

God has given you money, richness and fame so you should respect it and use them for help of others, you should never feel proud for things that are not stable in your life. Help everyone and remember everyone is equal in eyes of God so we should respect every individual who is a part of this universe.

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