Need a Miracle than Expect the Unexpected in your life

Remember one line in your life and that is Lift your eyes, clear your mind and open your heart to receive the unexpected in your life. If we go to all the mysteries behind in the past history you will find that everything is possible in the eyes of God. Miracles are not really Miracles these are the incidents or happenings in our life that are totally unexpected and we never thought of it. I have also seen so many Miracles in my life and I am witness to them. So what matters within me to believe on Miracles is that I believe on God that nothing is impossible for God.

Everything happens in our life is all depends on God whether it is a money or finding a love in your life or anything because everything is possible. There is no time frame and no cause to believe on God. Everything is possible in this world till the time we believe or we can set that state of mind. The only time when we feel that is not possible is the time when we start believing that this is not possible in our life.

Let me share you an example of miracle, I had one friend in my life he was too ill, one doctor came to his home and he suggested him that you have to go for operation next week but my friend was saying that no I am not going to get myself operate as I think I would be good in few days but the doctor said that you will not get healthy till the time you get operate. After one week he decided to meet the doctor again for the operation so he went there and the doctor again had done some tests and he told him that you are recovering fast and now there is no need to operate. We all were shocked but this is a true story and this is the thing that we call it a Miracle because this was not expected at all. This is God’s mercy and that is why I am saying again and again that Miracle happens if we believe on God and it will happen only when we expect the unexpected otherwise we will not be able to see the Miracles of God.

So my dear friends the day you start expecting the unexpected things than you will start seeing miracles in your life.

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