Jai Kali Maa

Goddess kali is a form of Maa durga, who is a form of Shakti, the divine feminine energy of our universe. Goddess manifestation is as the consort of the Kaal form of lord Shiva. Kaal is the time, who controls the destiny of the universe and decides the death of the beings.

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Jai Kali Maa is the goddess of time and destruction of evil. She is revered by mortals, demons and gods a like who are afraid of facing her wrath. She is an ancient deity that can bring an end to all evil in the universe. She is wearing a garland of human skulls and a skirt of human hands around her waist. In her left hand, she holds the head of raktabija and holds the trishul in the right hand and a bloody sword. She is seen standing atop the body of her consort lord Shiva and her tongue is out.

jai maa kali

What Is the Symbolism behind Kali’s Tongue?

  1. Once upon a time, a demon name raktabija was wreaking havoc on earth. This demon has a special boon that if his blood his fell on the ground then the each drop would manifest as a clone himself.
  2. Goddess durga along with the matrikas wounded raktabija severely but could not kill him. The more they made him bleed, the more raktabija were born. The goddess very worried because of that the impossible task.
  3. Then goddess durga summoned Maa kali, manifestation of her in order to end the terror of raktabija. Maa kali extends her tongue and laps up all the blood from the battlefield and swallows the duplicates of raktabija.
  4. Then she attacked the real raktabija when he died all the blood from his body sucked out. Jai Kali Maa also killed all other demons and this proved her dominance over the forces of evil.
  5. Another legend says that kali started killing random beings on earth because she had become thirsty for blood and no one could stop her. All the gods were worried and lord Shiva came up with a plan. And lay down on the ground in Kali’s path and mistakenly stepped on his chest. She Realize the terrible thing that she had done by standing on her husband, In shame kali rolled out and bit her tongue
  6. Most depictions of goddess kali show her biting tongue while standing atop lord Shiva’s body. Although she looks quite fearful, her devotees perceive as a great protector, who is very kind and has the ability to end all evil.

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