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Life satisfaction is the way a person evaluates his or her life. But in today’s world no one is fully satisfied in their life. They earn money more and more and achieve everything. When they achieve something in their life then suddenly they think they can achieve more and this circle is goes on and on which have no ends. Some people have lots of money and luxury, but there is no satisfaction in their life and the reason behind this, they want to achieve everything which is impossible.

There are some other reasons we can blame for our dissatisfaction and that are:

  1. Lots of work load:

Becoming the best isn’t the main problem, but the main problem is to become that we sacrifice our quality time with ourselves. We work hard and hard day and night, but completely forget, we aren’t the machines, and we also need rest and relaxation.

  1. Completely Forget Ourselves:

The thing is that we people forget overselves because money makes them blind. They earn more and    more nothing else so life is so busy we don’t spent our time to our family and make it so boring.

  1. Communication Gap:

Everyone busy in his own attitude. The most of time when you spend time with your family, then no one interested to talk with each other and the main reason behind this is Social Media. Everyone happy in his own professional life and this makes totally alone.

  1. Priority Is Money:

Why money is so important to us, is it more important than our valuable relationships (Our parents, friends and family)? We need it because we need food, clothes and to buy other important things, but don’t make it so important that you forget your loved ones and you.

After watching, this heart touching video you think that you all are lucky, if you are one of them who think they are unhappy and not satisfied in their life. Most of the time, we think that our salary is low, but we don’t think about those who have no money and no friends in their life.

Poor people not able go to their favorite school because they have no money, no choices. We have worn branded things, but they have no option to wear anything and cover up their body with tatter clothes.

We eat delicious food, but the poor people starve from hunger. They have no water to drink and bath. You have thankful the god that you have a bed on sleep but poor people fined a place to sleeping for every night. So think of them and be thankful to god whatever you have in this short span of life. Don’t cry for those things that we can’t afford. So don’t think how many moments are there in your life, think that how much life is there in every moment. There are many things that catch your eyes but the few things that really catch your heart. So I would like to thank to god that gave me a happiest life. Are you not thankful yet, and then watch this video and I am damn sure you will!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjUz95vtlew”]

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