Harmful Effects of Rash Driving

Rash means reckless or without sense. It means that careless driving. The smartness and new blood of youth that raises the dangerous spirit of rash driving. Driving becomes reckless when vehicle attains above normal above normal safe limit of speed.  At this speed the drivers full controls are lost and any few mistakes results an accident. There are many harmful effects of rash driving.

effects of rash driving

These days, more people die of accidents on the roads than of any diseases. Some of the accidents on the roads take place because of mechanical failure of vehicles and any other reason but the most of cases the fault lies the human being who drives these vehicles. Rash driving and accidents has been a regular in all parts of India. Thousands of people have been losing their valuable lives and damaging their body parts in accidents. Youngsters who have not aware the following the traffic guidelines and became a reason behind rash driving and increasing road accidents.

We have become so immune that every other day, on one pretext or the other, kids suffer major injuries due to reckless driving, parents feel proud that their son or daughter has been doing things so smartly when it comes to driving big and powerful vehicles, which can knock down any person and can prove to be fatal for his own life also. Youth from well educated and financially well off families caused many accidents in the city. He has drunken driving and using mobile phones while riding other reason of road accident.  So there are many harmful effects of rash driving. So government has controls over it.

effects of rash driving

The governments also think on revising the age for giving a driving license from 18 yrs to 21 yrs . At 21, the mind gets matured enough to understand the serious consequences of reckless driving and what harm can the vehicle do if it is not being driven safely. Governments and traffic departments should join hands and have to implement strict rules and regulations to avoid the rash driving problem and parents have to be think about the bright future of their children and have to avoid providing vehicles to them in a little age.


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