Fear of Unknown

Let me tell you one simple story, one man has laid two seeds side by side in the fertile soil.

The first seed said that I want to grow in a way where I want to send my roots deep into the soil to make presence strong and want to thrust sprouts through the earth’s crust above me. I want to fell the sun warmth in the winters on my face, blessings by having dews on my petals in the morning and unfurl my tender buds to announce the arrival of spring season. And with this thought the seed grow.

On the other hand the second seed said I am afraid. If I will grow my roots deep into the soil than I do not know what I will encounter in the dark. If I push my sprouts out from the hard soil above me than it may damage my delicate sprouts and if I would let my buds open than snails will try to eat them and so many things. So it decided to wait for the safe time to come and she waited and that day had never come in her life.

After few days a hen was searching for food in the soil and she found this waiting seed and she ate it so what happen she died with the fear.

So this is a wonderful story where we will see a great lesson in our life. If we keep on fear and do not take risks in our life and keep on hesitating to undertake a work. Fear is one of the basic emotions within us. We keep on thinking negative in our life and that is the reason for negative things happening in our life. It is all about the way we thing about something.

We all fear death in our life but that is the only one big truth that no one can deny and no one can overcome over it than why we have fear for death when it is truly certain. I know it is a natural tendency that we have fear within us. We all have fear for floods, eclipses, thunder and lightning and lot more things but when we face actually one incident in our life than from that day we have gained knowledge and experience and our fear will go away.

The Gita says that change is the law of universe. Death is a part of that law. And the pain come within us is from the fear we have to get separate from dear and loved ones, cherished possessions, luxuries and life enjoyments.

So never fear for the things, which are unknown to us because that let us go down in our life. You should be bold in your life to face anything in life to achieve new heights.

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