Amazing and Unknown facts about DrauPadi

Draupadi is the reason behind the greatest war in India, “The Mahabharata”. She was the compassionate, fiery and mysterious queen of the five Pandav brothers.

There are many unknown facts about Draupadi. Some of them are as following:

1. Most of the people didn’t know that she has 14 Husbands instead of five. In her previous birth she prayed then asked for the husband with 14 different qualities and Lord Shiva has granted her. She has asked Lord Shiva to bless her with good, dharma, strength, archery skill patience, looks etc.

2. She is known by many others names like Panchali, Yajnaseni, Mahabhaaratii, Sairandhri.

3. Lord Krishna was the only friend of Draupadi. They both address them as Sakha and Sakhi.

4. She was blessed to be a virgin. Whenever she moves to the next husband, she walks through the fire and regains her purity and virginity every time.

5. The son of Drona, Asvatthama, he has killed the five sons of her while sleeping in the middle of night.

6. Cursed the Dogs. It was agreed by all the Pandav brothers that at one time only one of them has to enter the queens chamber and the king has to keep his shoes outside the door. One day Yudhishthira was inside the chamber and Dog take his shoes. Arjun was unaware and entered the chamber.

7. Duryodhana did not participated in the Swayamber of Panchali, because he has promised her previous wife that he will never marry other girl.

8. Her clause was, she doesn’t want to share the house hols with any other women.

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