Create Your Own Reality Without Ego

When we are talking to the leaders and famous people across the world, they will tell you only one thing that you should shape your thoughts in order to master yourself, but this seems to me like the tail wagging the dog. This kind of thing goes also in case of when you are trying to create your own reality. Surely we can create our own reality but what to do you mean by “our” in this. The main thing is that it is the EGO that wants to control the situation in one of the way because at that time we can think only about handling that particular situation and to get intention of others. But we people do not know that we are forgetting something.

We are already creating and shaping everything in our life on daily basis as we keep on doing things and actions in our life daily and those activities are already creating path for us. What we experience, we are creating and shaping it on our mind as well as in our life too. When we people are experiencing things in our life than only two things are working on it whether the true self that is our soul which is shining and creating harmonious experience or the false self, either of them is managing the show. It is like you are creating your own reality with EGO.

When you are not full of ego than your true elf is working with you on creating your reality in your world because at that time Soul is working closely with you and you will never ever feel proud for the things you have or created in your life where as when ego is working on you than you will only talk about your self whatever you do in your life or whatever kind of experience you gather in your life to shape your identity but that is going to be for some time because identity and reality made through ego is not going to stay forever.

So my dear friends please do not bring I or we in your life do not have EGO within you; this is the only thing that will take you the path of destruction. Create your own reality without ego.

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