Blind Followers

This is not about any belief or disbelief; it is just about obsession of people around us for religions. Many of us usually consider our own religion as the very superior one and at the same time disgruntle others. But before concluding anything about a religion one must go through their beliefs, their vision, their goal etc. On examining all the above mentioned aspects a wise person would find that the ultimate aim of any religion is achievement of the supreme power i.e. GOD.And most of us hardly even know what GOD actually stands for.All of us actually follow traditions without even knowing their significance. It is like sailing the same boat as everyone else does without even knowing the destination.

By going through any of the holy books, whether it be GITA, BIBLE, QURAN or anything, they simply indicates that there is only one GOD. And god created all of us as same human beings without classifying us under any religion. So we must obey the god if we believe in him and treat each religion and human as same. Moreover we should try to find god inside ourselves only as it has also been said in all scripts that god lies only WITHIN.

I have a small experiment to specify here which clearly relates to how we follow traditions blindly without even thinking that by changing our thinking a bit many good things can happen. And story goes like this:

Once a group of scientists from Germany decided to find out the pattern following tendency of humans. So they gathered 4 monkeys in a large cage and hung bananas at the top of the cage. A ladder from bottom to bananas goes straight from inside the cage. And they had set a rule that whenever any monkey goes up the ladder for having banana, the other 3 monkeys left down were flooded with cold water.

So initially a monkey goes up and rest 3 were flooded with cold water. Again another monkey goes up and rest 3 were flooded with cold water and pattern continued. After 3-4 such attempts now whenever a monkey tried to go up, the others pulled him back and beaten him up.

So in the end no monkey from them tried to climb up the ladder and settled down calmly. Then the scientists replaced a monkey from that 4 by a new one. The new monkey then tried to climb up and he was pulled back and was beaten by others. So he gave up and sat calmly like others. Scientists then replaced one more monkey. He also did the same and got beaten up by others. So he also sat calmly with others. Gradually 4 of the monkeys were replaced by 4 new monkeys and from new monkeys no one was trying to go up without even knowing that what would happen if they go up the ladder.

Same is the case with us, we are just following the customs without even knowing the facts behind them and don’t even want to take a chance for any better.

My concern here is just try to think out of the box if it leads to something better than following the silly traditions and customs.


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