Celebrate 67th Indian Republic Day Different This Time

67th Indian Republic Day

Once again today India is celebrating its 67th Indian Republic Day and we all have holiday today to enjoy this day by remembering all those great warriors and patriots who gone beyond the limits to get us freedom from British Rules.

We would like to thanks all those great personalities who done a great job in history and devoted their lives for the freedom of this great country. India is one of the most blessed country in the world that has gone so far in everything to achieve its blessed creations to prove to the world that India is not just a simple country but it is a nation with different religions. different types of people, different languages who are united together to build and praise this nation. India is the only country in the world who has people living from all the religions in the world. There is no racism in the country and there is no fight on religions. We all love each other and support everyone but there are people who acts smartly to use different religions as their sword to put differences among the people and to divide the country.

But we are so free today to do anything in the country to prove that we are best among the world. Today we are celebrating 67th Indian Republic Day this is the day when constitution was made.

So this time don’t celebrate in schools, parades and sitting idle at home. Try to prepare some good food, gather spare clothes, use some money from savings to buy fruits, chocolates and other stuff that can be donated to the poor and needy people. We are celebrating Indian republic day every year in the same way but let us do something different and try to do some good activities for old age people, visit orphanages and distribute food to the hungry people sitting on the road side. Donate Woolen spare or old clothes to Rickshaw people, beggars who are on road side sleep without blankets in winters. Try to do things like this and i am damn sure that at end of the day you will feel like you have done a great job in your life and that will make you feel like in heaven. You will be at more peace.

HARIDEVOTE Team wishes you a great 67th INDIAN REPUBLIC DAY.

Jai Hind!

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