4 Tips To Handle Stubborn People

One of the difficult tasks in this world is to handle stubborn people; there is no comparison of this with anything else. This may exhaust, frustrate and irritate you because you are dealing with a person who didn’t understand or value your opinion. This kind of people never trust anyone not even their close one and if you try to force them, then they become worse.

There is a proper way to handle these kinds of people, if you want. First you need to understand that they are just afraid of bruising their egos and all the time doing something new to become center of attention and if you understand this, then you can handle them and from handle I don’t mean they become your puppet. From handle I mean you understand them and help them when no-one can.

Here Are Simple 4 Tips To Handle Stubborn People

1. Make Them Feel Good About Themselves:

Stubborn people hate to be wrong, understand this very clearly that they just hate if someone trying to prove them wrong, at that point they react badly. So, never attack them directly with your words. First you need to calm yourself and then clear your point in front of them very softly. Problem with these people they think they know everything and can handle everything, they think they don’t need anybody else. If you suggest anything, then they become sensitive and took this as a personal attack.

So be very polite with them and listen them very carefully, this helps you to understand them more. Flattering helps you to make them feel good. While doing this, you need to be very careful. You can start by this:-

• Praise them: “Lately you are working so hard”, “I am so impressed with your work”, “I am proud of you”. Don’t do fake praise, if they get this then you are in problem.
• “You are so smart; your ideas are so good always work”.
• “So glad to see you again, missing your presence a lot”.

2. Don’t Just Show; Seriously Value Them And Their Opinion:

Never ever make them feel that you think their idea is stupid, invalid or poor not even when you seriously think in that way. If you feel there is something wrong with their opinion, then very cleverly show them the consequences. Show them you value their ideas but the consequences of that idea were not good. Simple ways to show them what you feel:-

• “I love your idea doing that presentation in that way, but there are some consequences. So if there is any other way to do this……..What you think ”
• “I know dear our last meeting with my aunt was not that good, but is there any chance to meet my aunt again so the last time burden overcome…………What you think”
• “I can understand your point that this is not that easy to move from here to another place, but I promise you never goanna regret this please try this for me………. What you think”

3. Never Attack Them:

Stubborn person never understand how they could be wrong, they just can’t understand their fault. So, please be very careful about your words when you talk to them. Don’t use these sentences ever; “you are not looking at this correctly”, “You are wrong”, “You just didn’t get it, don’t you”, “How could you do this”.
Politely clear them this time you are not as good as you are last time, maybe I am not able to make you understand about my point. So for this time I prefer my idea, next time I am sure we’ll work on yours because you are the best.

4. Show Them Your Decision Will Benefit Them:

Look the problem is stubborn people invest their time for decisions and they already very confident that they are right. So at that point, it is very difficult to make them understand that your idea is better than theirs.
So, if you really sure that your idea is better than theirs, then you need to show them the benefits of your idea which are going to improve their life too.

Stubborn people need help, they are unique not different. We all need to understand them and help them; don’t leave them alone because they need us. Sometime you feel bad, but don’t give up TRY and TRY.

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